Portable Laboratory

As part of its public engagement and training efforts, the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics and Individualized Therapy has established the Mobile Molecular Biology Laboratory (2MoBiL) concept as a means to train scholl students in the basic concepts of human molecular genetic and personalized medicine.

The 2MoBiL is a portable molecular biology laboratory that can be transported all over the country in a small suitcase. The 2MoBiL aims to familiarize students of secondary and primary education with concepts and experimental procedures relevant to the field of Molecular Genetics and Individualized Therapy.

Finally, it seeks to inform the general public about the importance of the human genome analysis and the benefits of applying personalized therapy both at an individual level as well as for the national health system as a whole.

With educational activities from 2016, the 2MoBiL aspires to contribute to the better education of students as well as the familiarization of the public in the scientific fields of Molecular Genetics and Individualized Therapy.

If you wish to arrange a demonstration of the 2MoBiL in your premises, please contact us by email to arrange an call to explain the procedure.