Bioinformatics and Big Data


The Bioinformatics and Big Data group is an essential part of the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics and Individualised Therapy. Undoubtedly, analysis of large scale ‘-omics’ data with a variety of bioinformatics tools, scripts and databases has led to the identification of candidate genes and variants, which have been subsequently associated with a variety of complex genetic disorders. Moreover, whole exome and whole genome sequencing analysis of large cohorts has not only led to the identification of risk variants for complex genetic disorders, but has also unraveled the genetic background of genetic disorders which may be characterized by similar (endo)phenotypes (i.e. bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, major depressive disorder). 

Our group performs bioinformatics and big data analysis by exploring the following research strategies:

a). Developing in silico tools and bioinformatics pipelines for the identification of pharmacogenomics biomarkers by assessing NGS data of Greek cohorts,

b). Developing end-to-end NGS analysis pipelines (WES, WGS and targeted sequencing data) to assess for genomics differences in individuals with psychiatric and other complex genetic disorders,

c). Exploiting human genome informatics tools and large-scale databases,

d). Developing machine learning tools on pharmacogenomics data 

e). Using bioinformatics tools to study epigenetic modifications and their potential impact on gene regulation.

f). Developing biomedical literature mining for pharmacogenomics data


Group Leader: Dr Maria Koromina


Selected Publications

Koromina M, Pandi MT, Patrinos GP. Rethinking Drug Repositioning and Development with Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Omics. OMICS. 2019;23(11):539‐548. 

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