The Biosafety and Biosecurity group of the Laboratory of Pharmacogenomics and individualized Therapy is an integral part of its mission. Expanding the sensu lato biosafety issues inherent in Pharmacogenomics, the focus of the group is on the existing and projected biothreat within the contexts of Total Biothreat and One Planet - One health, both of which consider the living organisms as a common population pool into which infectious agents may float, move, hibernate, evolve and affect and thus the proactive and reactive responses must be developed and deployed with this principle in mind. As a result, the human host with its health, local and temporal divisions, the urban environment, animals (livestock and pets), plants, foodstuff, water and beverages and the wider environment are all considered operational and surveillance areas, in which protocols, technology and procedures are required to be able to operate.

Research is being conducted in human and plant pathogens and explores two main intervention strategies: 

  1. Electroceuticals and ekectroculturomics
  2. Portable mini-labs for multi-elemental deployment in adverse and isolated environments and hot spots during spontaneous and perpetrated health crises.


Group leader: Dr. Manousos E. Kambouris


Selected Publications


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- Kambouris ME, Kantzanou M, Arabatzis M, Velegraki A, Patrinos GP. (2018). Rebooting Bioresilience:  A Multi-OMICS Approach to Tackle Global Catastrophic Biological Risks (GCBRs) and Next Generation Biothreats. OMICS 22: 35-51.

- Kambouris ME, Manousopoulos Y, Kritikou M, Milioni A, Mantzoukas S, Velegraki A. (2018). Towards decentralized agrigenomics surveillance? A PCR-RFLP approach for adaptable and rapid detection of user-defined fungal pathogens in potato crops. OMICS 22: 264-273.

- Kambouris ME, Gaitanis G, Manoussopoulos Y, Arabatzis M, Kantzanou M, Kostis GD, Velegraki A, Patrinos GP. (2018). Humanome versus Microbiome:  Games of Dominance and Pan-biosurveillance in the Omics Universe. OMICS 22: 528-538.


Books and book chapters:

- Kambouris ME. (2019). Mobile Stand-off and Stand-in Surveillance Against Biowarfare and Bioterrorism Agents. In Karampelas P, Bourlai T. (eds). Surveillance in Action. Advanced Sciences and Technologies for Security Applications. Springer 2018, pp. 241-255. ISBN: 978-3-319-68532-8

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